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Responsible Gaming

Dear visitor,
Betting can be an interesting pastime. Although profits are possible, sports betting and casino games should be nothing more than a leisure activity. To prevent the development of uncontrolled gambling and gambling addiction, we recommend the following:

  • Play moderately and for fun. Sports betting and casino games are not meant to be sources of income.
  • Limit your stakes and playing time. Review your stakes and your losses, set your limits in relation to your budget and your time.
  • Plan your budget. Never use the money that is meant for other purposes, such as your family’s needs, for betting and gaming.
  • There are no formulas, strategies, skills, tips or tricks in sports betting and casino games that guarantee profits.
  • Never play if you’re depressed or sad. Sports betting and online games should be used only for entertainment and not as a distraction from personal problems.
  • Be sober. You should never play under the influence of alcohol, medication or drugs.
  • Learn the rules before you start. Do not place money if you do not know the rules of betting or a game.
  • Do not borrow money or take credit to bet or play.
  • Do not play in secret and do not neglect your family, friends, promises, and responsibilities.
  • Talk to your family, your friends or with a professional, if your suspect you are at risk of addiction or if you are showing signs of gambling addiction or somebody else says you do.

If find that you have difficulties in implementing these points in your life, then that is a sign of gambling addiction and the need of assistance.


If after conscientious examination you answer the questions in the following checklist with yes, you should not hesitate to contact a counselling service for problem gamblers.

In the last 12 months:

  • Did you play so often that it diverted you from working or learning at school or university?
  • Have you come into conflict with those around you because of your passion for betting?
  • Have you ever lied to others about the amount of money you have lost?
  • Have you ever stolen money, sold possessions or ran into debt to continue playing?
  • Did you reluctantly spend money on things other than betting?
  • Did you feel that you had to compensate losses as soon as possible with a new bet?
  • Did you sometimes place bets to distract yourself from personal problems?
  • Did betting repeatedly frustrate you or caused you to have destructive thoughts or become angry?
  • Did you play until you have gambled all your money away?


If you think that you need a break, you can self-exclude for a specific period of time or permanently by deactivating your account with us here.

Assistance and Helplines

If you have questions about compulsive gambling or need assistance in your preferred language, please contact our customer support at support@tipbet.com

European Casino Association provides a list of helplines in some European countries here:

EGamblers Anonymous® offers assistance in more than 50 countries:

Gambling Therapy – online help for problem gamblers is available in 29 languages here:

Some of the helplines around the world:

Country Web page Helpline
Argentina http://www.juegoresponsable.com.ar/index.php/ 0800-333-0333
Österreich http://www.spielsuchthilfe.at/beratung_therapie.html (01) 544 13 57
Belgique https://www.druglijn.be/
078 15 10 20
Canada https://www.responsiblegambling.org/get-help/find-treatment-in-your-province 888-230-3505
Danmark https://spillemyndigheden.dk/behandling 72 38 79 13
Deutschland https://www.spielen-mit-verantwortung.de/startseite.html
0800 137200
España https://fejar.org/ 900 200 225
France http://www.ifac-addictions.fr/ 02 40 20 66 40
Italia http://www.giocaresponsabile.it/ 0800-921-121
Malta http://rgf.org.mt/ 1777
Norge https://hjelpelinjen.no/kontakt-oss/ 800 800 40
Portugal http://www.jogoresponsavel.pt/ 1414
Sverige https://www.stodlinjen.se/ 020-819 100
Schweiz http://www.suchtschweiz.ch/gluecksspiel/ 0800 104 104
United Kingdom https://www.begambleaware.org/
0808 80 20 133


Protection of Children and Young People

Tipbet Limited does not allow persons who are under the age of 18 to neither register nor use offers on the website. To ensure that minors in your household do not have access to sports betting and gambling, we recommend the use of special protection software like: Net Nanny® https://www.netnanny.com/ and CYBERsitter™ https://www.27labs.com/

Please always logout from your account and keep your password and your credit card data out of reach of others.

Furthermore, please report players if you know that they fall under the scope of child and youth protection legislation in your country via e-mail to: support@tipbet.com