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Three ways to Cash Out now available at Tipbet

Three ways to Cash Out now available at Tipbet


Partial Cash Out and Auto Cash Out are now joining Full Cash Out in a very rare combination among competitors

Tipbet has cemented its position as one of the gambling industry’s leading companies with the exciting news that they now offer customers three ways to Cash Out on sports markets. Customers have even more control over their bets than ever with Partial and Auto Cash Out joining the Full Cash Out in a very rare combination package among competitors.


Being a brand-new update that will be greatly appreciated by online punters, the three Cash Out features are being rolled out to customers across the brand. Visitors to our physical shops will also notice that the betting terminals have the added functionality to enhance their gaming experience.


Why is Cash Out Beneficial for Customers?

Cash out is an extremely popular feature among sports-betting enthusiasts, giving them the opportunity to limit their risk and secure profit. In short, cash out allows players get some of their stake back – in case they feel unsure about their bet – before the event has finished. Hence, players can receive a certain amount back to their account in real time and before the result has been decided.


The feature is available for both single and multiple bets and is offered for a wide range of sports, including football, tennis, basketball, and many more! Using Cash Out at Tipbet.com is elementary – depending on the feature you choose, you either need to press a button and insert a desired amount or use a sliding scale to select a specific percentage for return.


What makes Cash Out so popular, is the ability it gives to reduce the risk involved. Should a football team that you are backing be far behind the opponent, for example, you may wish to act quickly and guarantee yourself a portion of winnings before the negative result rips you off your entire stake.


This is extremely advantageous and beneficial for customers. During a fast-changing live event it is crucial to set yourself a limit at which you would be happy to Cash Out – and features such as Auto Cash Out come handy in such cases bringing stability to the uncertain, as well as peace of mind.


Especially when it comes to parlay bets – where players include more than one match in their betting slip – in case some of their bets have been already successfully settled, they might choose not to risk, proceed with a Full Cash Out, and secure the amount they have already won.


Here is an in-depth explanation of the Cash Out options at Tipbet.com


The Three-Pillar Cash Out feature at Tipbet

Partial Cash Out

This feature is suitable for those who cannot decide between playing safe and risky moves. Partial Cash Out lets you lock-in some profit, by collecting part of the winnings before the end of the event. This newly-added feature builds on the traditional Full Cash Out and brings in added flexibility to the game, with part of a cash offer now available to be taken.


The amount to be Partially Cashed Out is totally up to the player and can be claimed by using a sliding scale with any percentage of the cash offer able to be claimed.


Example: Let’s imagine that you placed a bet on a football match between Manchester United and Barcelona F.C. You chose Barcelona to win, with the total stake amounting to €50. As the match unfolds, Manchester displays a great defensive strategy, while also constantly threatens their opponents with offensive manoeuvres.


On the 60th minute of the match, Manchester has already scored, while Barcelona seems to be struggling – you start doubting your choice. With Tipbet, you have an option. Use the sliding scale and select a percentage to secure a portion of winnings. If you select to receive back 80%, for instance, you let the remaining 20% in the game to satisfy your risky side.


The below images illustrate how Partial Cash Out works at Tipbet.com.

Tipbet CashOut Picture 1

Picture 1: Here the active betting slip is displayed. The Cash Out offer - at the moment - is 32.58€ (Yellow button at the bottom left corner).

Tipbet CashOut Picture 2

Picture 2: After pressing the yellow button, you can use the sliding bar to select a percentage or insert an amount to be cashed out. Here, 30€ are selected to be Cashed Out.

Tipbet CashOut Picture 3

Picture 3: After selecting the amount to be Cashed out, the 30€ are returned to the player’s account and the rest of the amount (2.05€) - as shown on the yellow button - remains in the game.


Automatic Cash Out

For those with busy lives, Auto Cash Out brings the unique possibility of overseeing the betting slip even when away from your device. Pressing the blue button on your bet slip allows you to enter a desired amount that you would be happy to take – if the target amount is reached, it will automatically take the offer. With this new feature from Tipbet, never miss the perfect time to Cash Out again!


In other words, Auto Cash Out allows the punter to be either ambitious or cautious with regards to their bet. Should it be a multi-bet then setting a high limit will offer the chance to guarantee a healthy profit. Conversely, a more conservative limit could cover the stake whilst keeping the remainder placed on the event.


Example: We are living in a bustling world of crazy rhythms and minimum free time. For those of you who spend a lot of time away from their device – but still love betting on the Tipbet platform – Auto Cash Out is the best solution.


Let’s imagine you placed a bet ahead of the ongoing UEFA Nations League tournament, and you are so busy that you might even forget about it. To prevent losses, Auto Cash Out allows you to set a specific amount as a default when you place your bets. For instance, if you set the amount to be cashed out at €20, as soon as the offer reaches the given threshold, it will be returned to your Tipbet account immediately


The following pictures illustrate how Auto Cash Out works at Tipbet.com.

Tipbet CashOut Picture 4

Picture 4: The Auto cash out feature is displayed with a blue button at the bottom-left corner of the active betting slip.

Tipbet CashOut Picture 5

Picture 5: After players select the Auto Cash Out option, they get redirected to the relevant window, where they can set the desired amount. When the cash out offer reaches this amount, it returns automatically to the players account.


Full Cash Out

Full Cash Out is perhaps the simplest and the most common way to claim money from your betting slip before the event has finished. In short, it gives the chance to return you stake, guarantee profit, and limit your losses. A Full Cash Out offer at Tipbet is displayed with a yellow button, while the offer amount is dependent on how the elements of the slip are performing, on the time remaining and the likelihood of a win.


Live betting is notoriously difficult to call, so it is best to look at Tipbet’s in-play statistics to help make your decision. Then, you may choose to allow the match to run its course, or to take an offer; regardless, you are in complete control of your bet slip.


Example: You placed a parlay bet, including four World Cup matches in your betting slip. Three out of the four matches have been already played, and your predictions went through the correct path, securing you a huge portion of winnings.


As you look at your possible pay-out at this stage, you might start regretting including the fourth match in your betting slip. In case you lose the bet, the rest of the correct predictions are also annulled, you never get to win the attractive amount displayed on the screen and consequently lose your entire stake.


In this case, by proceeding with the traditional Full Cash Out option, your winnings are rock-solid and will remain untouched.


Across all devices and Betting Shops

To make it easier than ever for our customers, the brand-new, ground-breaking Cash Out features are also available across all devices. Νο matter how busy you are, you can still dive into the exiting world of online betting. Just use your mobile device or tablet to make full use of the new addition, limit your risk when unsure about your bet, select among Partial, Automatic or Full Cash Out and secure your profit! It’s easy with Tipbet.


Even with technology evolving rapidly and despite living in a digital era where Internet is dominant in every-day lives, betting-shops are still the most popular place when it comes to betting. To make these impressive new sports additions available to everyone, the physical betting shops offer Full Cash Out, Auto Cash Out and Partial Cash Out at both the terminal and the cashier system – these all add greater excitement and flexibility to the traditional betting experience.


Overview of the three Cash Out Options


For online players, all Cash Outs are available in the ways listed above on both PC and mobile to the same high standard – giving you control of your winnings wherever you are.


The Partial Cash Out, Auto Cash Out and Full Cash Out at Tipbet have complete terms and conditions.


Tipbet embraces innovation and constantly tries to incorporate features which are handy and beneficial for its customers.


Philippos Naskos, Product Manager at Tipbet, said: “It has taken a lot of hard work from our development team to get to this point, so I am very pleased that we are able to bring both the Partial and Auto Cash Out to our customers.”


“The fact that both are available across all devices means that we are ensuring that no one has to miss out on the ideal time to Cash Out ever again.”


Tired of unnecessary losses? It’s your time to try out our new Cash Out features!