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Gzira Football Club and Tipbet.com join forces for the Maltese Premier League 2016/2017

Early this summer, Tipbet was proud to become the official sponsor of the Maltese Football Club Gzira United, known locally as the “Maroons”, after witnessing their great success as they were promoted to the Premier League as Champions of the First Division after winning all games of the last season.

As official sponsor, Tipbet.com plans to organise frequent lotteries for VIP match tickets, as well as a number of fun and exciting events for the local community.

Additionally, as from next season, the Tipbet Logo, will be adorning the chest of Gzira United football shirts and will hold the advantage for perimeter advertising at the Malta National Stadium, along with special rights to a comprehensive brand presence around the local football team.

Gzira F.C. was founded in 1947 and is now considered to be one of the most famous football clubs in Malta. The greatest sporting success of the club came in 1973, when they won the National Cup and had the opportunity to participate in the UEFA Cup the following season.

Today, the Maroons have a loyal following of local youth, who will greatly benefit from the cooperation with Tipbet.

The club is pursuing a three-year plan and aims to establish itself at the top of the league.

The goal is clear: Gzira United aims to reach great heights within the coming years, thanks to the dedication and hard work of the ambitious team members.

Be a part of a prosperous future, join us today!