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Bonus Terms

Bonus Terms


(1) The following terms and conditions were last updated on the 14th of March 2019 (14/03/2019).

(2) These General Bonus Terms and Conditions are posted on the internet in various languages reflecting the same principles. In the event of any conflicting foreign-language versions of these General Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail. The same principle applies for any applicable bonus conditions.

(3) The following terms and conditions are in line with the rules and regulations established by the Malta Gaming Authority.

(4) Tipbet offers several bonuses, promotions or special offers for new and existent Users with a User account on Tipbet´s website.

(5) All promotions, bonuses or special offers are subject to promotion-specific terms and conditions. Any complimentary bonus credited to the User’s account must be used in adherence with corresponding terms and conditions. The corresponding terms and conditions are published on Tipbet´s website.

(6) Before placing a bet, each User is obliged to read and acknowledge not only the General Terms and Conditions, but also these Bonus Terms and Conditions as well as all sports betting and bonus rules, including the provisions regarding minimum stakes, maximum pay-outs as well as maximum stakes. For the avoidance of doubt, by placing a bet, a User has indicated that he has read and accepted all the General Terms and Conditions, Bonus Terms and Conditions and any other applicable terms and conditions.

(7) When participating in a bonus or promotion, the User must fulfil the criteria, requirements and rules of that particular bonus or promotion before being able to withdraw the bonus funds, as set out on our website. The Bonus criteria are set at Tipbet´s discretion and it is in Tipbet´s sole discretion to evaluate if these criteria are fulfilled.

(8) Free Spins – Free Bets:
a) Winnings on free spins are converted to bonus money and are usually subject to a wagering requirement of 35 times.
b) Maximum winnings from any non-deposit bonus (free-bets, free-spins) is €100 after the wagering requirements are fulfilled.
c) The current bonus expires 30 days after the day it has been awarded. If wagering requirements have not been fulfilled in the given time, the bonus amount and the winnings will be removed.
d) Any winnings from non-deposit bonuses must be withdrawn maximum within 30 days after the wagering has been completed.

(9) Tipbet reserves the right to exclude Users from certain countries permanently or temporarily from any bonus offers.

(10) Tipbet reserves the right to withdraw or to change any promotion, bonus or special offer at any time at Tipbet´s sole discretion upon notice. It underlies in the Users responsibility to keep informed about the current and last updated General Bonus Terms and Conditions as well as any other bonus conditions published on Tipbet´s website. Whenever a User places a bet, he/she accepts the validity and applicability of the current Terms and Conditions and corresponding Bonus Terms and Conditions.

(11) Tipbet reserves the right to limit promotions, bonuses or special offers for each User. The several new customer bonuses, promotions or special offers cannot be active and useable at User´s account at once.

(12) In case a bonus does not have certain wagering time requirements on the specific bonus rules, the maximum time to commit a wager is within six (6) months from the bonus given date. If the customer has not fulfilled the bonus wagering requirements in the given time, the bonus amount and the winnings will be revoked.

(13) Any bonus and/or offer is only available once per User, customer, account, household, set of payment details, jointly used computer (university, workplace, internet café etc.) and IP address. Tipbet restricts and prohibits bonuses for employees, volunteers, board members, freelancers, promotional, marketing, or other offices, license holders, issuers of licenses, service providers and other related companies. Family members of all of the above people are also restricted from bonuses.

(14) The decision to honour any special promotion, offer or bonus shall be entirely up to Tipbet. Tipbet also reserves the sole discretionary right to discontinue, change or cancel any promotion, special offer or bonus at any time and for any reason whatsoever, without prior notice.

(15) Bonus, promotions or special offers and any related amounts on User´s account are only valid to the person in whose name the account is registered, are bound and assigned to a specific product and are not transferable or redeemable for cash.

(16) Users should only use payment methods registered in their own name to deposit and carry out transactions on the site. If Users make use of payment methods which are not registered in their name, Tipbet reserves the right to void all bets, remove all winnings from the account and related bonus, and cancel all transactions and close any account.

(17) Tipbet’s promotions, special offers and bonuses are only valid for the respective period specified. Where promotions, special offers and bonuses are specifically addressed to an individual or to a specific sports betting account, offers are only valid with respect to those individuals or accounts so specified.

(18) If any winnings of bets have been credited to the User´s account with incorrect amounts due to technical reasons, an error in the underlying odds, or for any other reason, Tipbet reserves the right to suspend and reverse any transactions made. The same rule applies if there is sufficient reason to suspect that the withdrawal is requested after the User has generated winnings due to a known outcome of an event or some other form of fraud.

(19) Tipbet reserves the right to accept or decline the withdrawal of funds on an individual basis. Any withdrawal of free bet and bonus money amounts is not possible until specific conditions are satisfied. This includes cases where the deposit amount is blocked due to necessary fulfilment of bonus requirements and criteria.

(20) Any bonuses, promotions or special offers are in particular intended for hobby and amateur players. Professional players and player syndicates and communities and are excluded from any bonus, promotion or special offer as well as Users with multiple applications.

(21) In case of abusive behaviour on the User’s part as related to the bonus offer, Tipbet will reject the bonus and its payments as well as any winnings including the User´s earnings from any bonus offer. Tipbet has the right to block all products and services to Users who have abused or tried to abuse bonus offers.

(22) Tipbet reserves the right to demand the offer bonus back, correct or cancel bets placed, refuse to make payments and close accounts, if there should be any suspicion of one of the conditions of any promotion, bonus or special offer being breached or Users placing bets that guarantee a win no matter the outcome of the bet on account of a paying-in bonus, free bets, improved winning payments or any other special offer.

(23) Customers are only allowed to claim one Welcome Bonus – either Sports or Casino – with their first deposit.

(24) All deposit and free cash bonuses expire after 30 days. When a certain bonus has a different expiration date, this will be clearly indicated in the corresponding terms and conditions.

(25) The winning limit for any Sportsbook bonus is set at 2.000€. For any Casino bonus, the corresponding winning limit is set at 4.000€. In case any bonus has different withdrawal limits, this will be clearly stated in the corresponding bonus Terms & Conditions. In such cases, the specific limits shall prevail.

(26) Tipbet reserves the right to limit the number of recipients for bonus offers or to exclude single users or certain groups of users (including residents of specific countries) from participation.

(27) Tipbet will have the exclusive right to reduce bets at any time and in accordance with the maximum winning and/or stake limits or to cancel bets completely and to declare any bets placed and any winnings of such a User as null, void and forfeited, if Users act as a syndicate or in collusion or if individual Users register several times or set up fictitious accounts in their own name or in the name of a third person, by communicating with one or several persons or by placing combination bets, or using front men, acting as front man for any third person or placing bets on another person's account, or if Users use impermissible software tools.

(28) In principal, Users may be disqualified from participating in general, as well as from promotions, special offers and bonuses without any notice at any time from participating in general, as well as from promotions, special offers and bonuses without any notice at any time. In Addition, the accounts of such Users may be closed and the User´s action assessed as an abusive behaviour, if any person involved acting in breach of these terms or any other terms and conditions applicable.

(29) Tipbet has the unfettered exclusive right to reduce the stake of bets or to cancel bets but in no event may Tipbet be liable for the reduced winnings as a result of the reduction of the stake or the cancellation of bets, since the User is aware of the limits, when bets are placed in a way that the placed stake(s) and/or the potential winning exceeds the maximum amounts set forth in the Terms and Conditions or any specific bonus rules and conditions.

(30) Once a bet has been placed with User´s account, Tipbet’s promotions, bonuses or special offers cannot be removed on the User’s wish anymore.

(31) If a User abusively maintains several accounts, any credited bonus amounts shall be cancelled and subtracted from the original User account.

(32) If a User entrusts Tipbet with his postal address or e-mail address, he/she explicitly agrees, unless specified otherwise, to receive communications on products, services and special offers from Tipbet on paper and via e-mail which are deemed to be related to Tipbet. The User acknowledges that these communications may contain clearly visible brands which may be identified with Tipbet. If the User would like to cancel all mailings including (e-mails), he will be deleted from the mailing list within five days after receipt of an email sent to support@tipbet.com requesting to be unsubscribed from the mailing list. The User can cancel newsletters at any time.

(33) It is at Tipbet’s sole discretion, whether any bonus, promotion or special offer is paid or not. There is no legal claim to obtain or receive a bonus, promotion or special offer by Tipbet.

(34) The General Terms and Conditions shall apply if the Terms and Conditions of the individual promotions or bonus conflict or contribute with the General Terms and Conditions here stated. Excepted are cases where the General Terms and Conditions are explicitly excluded.